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Acquire real-world digital marketing skills to future-proof yourself - with up to 90% funding!

The World As We Know It Will Never Be The Same Again. The Question Is… Are You Able To Adapt To This Change Fast Enough?

Long before Covid-19 became a pandemic, online adoption was already growing steadily year-on-year. The hunger for ‘instant’ information and gratification led to the majestic rise of Google, the search engine with a global market share of over 80%. Soon after, Facebook led the charge in the area of social community building, resulting in almost 50% of the World's population congregating on its social media apps & platforms. As a result of these mega-shifts in consumer behaviour, customer journeys (the path a person takes from awareness to purchase) started get more complex and therefore more challenging.


Then all of a sudden, Covid-19 fell upon many countries around the World and altered the way we live, work & play. The need to minimise human-to-human interaction will continue to be emphasised, and will adversely impact numerous industries, from retail to F&B to entertainment, conferences, airlines etc. At the same time, industries that leverage the internet like online food delivery, e-commerce marketplaces, online conferencing etc are experiencing a sudden surge in demand.


These recent paradigm shifts have resulted in a need for new types of specialised digital skills across almost all industries, to:


1) Conceptualise marketing strategies for various touchpoints in the customer journey

2) Plan, implement & monitor digital marketing campaigns on multiple digital channels

3) Discover and analyse data to generate insights and recommendations for action


The good news is… you can now acquire proven and commercially in-demand digital marketing skills to upskill yourself and be ‘workforce-ready’ in less than 9 months.



A Proven & Practical Hands-On Digital Marketing Program by Lithan Academy, a CET Centre with SSG

This program is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn real-world digital marketing strategies and skills from an 18-year digital marketing practitioner.


Enjoy step by step, personalized, hands-on instruction delivered to you by Asia’s foremost digital marketing practitioner, Fabian Lim.

This Comprehensive Digital Marketing Program Includes Dissecting REAL-WORLD Successful Case Studies So You Can Cut Short Your Learning Journey & Focus On Acquiring REAL-WORLD Digital Marketing Skills. Here Are Just Some of the Benefits of Joining This Program….

Get Up to 90%* Course

Fees Funded with Lithan

Upskill Yourself with the latest

proven techniques & strategies

Learn at Lithan,

an Edutrust registered and

SFC approved CET Centre

Who Should Attend This Program?

  • You wish to digitalise your business to grow revenues
  • You wish to consider a part-time or full-time career in digital marketing
  • You wish to upskill yourself & earn a living as a digital entrepreneur
  • Your current or future industry involves any type of sales functions e.g. Real Estate, Insurance, B2B or B2C Sales, E-Commerce etc.
  • You hate getting stuck in traffic and being office-bound
  • You want to learn how to acquire genuine digital marketing skills

Digital Marketing Implementation Modules

Basic Digital Marketing
(Compulsory Module)

Module Outline

• Understand key concepts and

fundamentals of digital marketing

• Understand various channels

for online marketing and

advertising, including Facebook,

Google Ads, SEO, E-mail and

Content marketing

• Acquire basic internet marketing

skills and prepare yourself to

successfully launch profitable

digital marketing campaigns

Social Media Marketing
(Additional Module)

Module Outline

• Overview of social media

marketing tools for social

listening and social media


• Acquire social media marketing

skills and build a strong web

presence of your company

across various channels to

engage with your target audience

• Use social media analytics tools

for analysing visitor behaviour &

conversions and to optimise

campaign performance

Search Engine Optimization

Module Outline

• Acquire Search Optimisation

and Marketing skills and prepare

yourself to successfully launch

profitable search marketing


• Execute, monitor and optimise

paid search, display, video and

mobile campaigns

• Analyse Google ads campaign

effectiveness with Google Analytics

and use various SEO tools to

conduct competitive SEO analysis

E-mail & Content Marketing
(Additional Module)

Module Outline

• Overview of email and content

marketing tools for content

creation, management &


• Design and create effective

email campaigns for lead

nurturing using email

marketing tools

• Analyse data to improve on

content performance,

distribution of content

and customer engagement

Advanced Digital Marketing
(Additional Module)

Module Outline

• Acquire advanced analytical skills

on conversion rate and user behaviour

on websites as well as analyse digital

marketing and SEO campaigns and

make strategic decisions on where to

focus marketing efforts and dollars

• Create a marketing strategy and

plan effective landing pages and

optimise them for conversion

• Create and set up dashboards,

custom segments, goals and

multi-channel funnels in Google

Analytics to enable analysis and

optimisation of campaigns

Digital Marketing Capstone Project
(Additional Module)

Module Outline

• Practice digital marketing skills

and learn how to develop a

marketing plan, monitor email

marketing and digital marketing

campaigns on social media,

Google Ads & Facebook,

and optimise campaigns and

provide recommendations for

improving ROI

• Review your implementation

project and gain competency

and expertise in digital marketing

Qualification Attainable

Completion of all modules stated above will lead to 
Lithan’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Implementation.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age: 21 years old
Academic Qualification: 3 GCE ‘A’ Level passes, Polytechnic Diploma, NITEC in
any specialisation or 3 GCE ‘O’ Level passes or equivalent.
Work experience: Minimum 1 year of relevant work experience (Minimum 3 years for GCE ‘O’ level holders).

Program Pricing

Being a SkillsFuture approved program, up to 90% funding is available for Singaporeans and PRs of the following categories: 

1) Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above 
2) Singapore Citizens aged 35 years and above earning less than S$2,000/month (up to 95% funding available) 
3) Singapore Citizens & PR aged 21 years and above currently employed or owners of active businesses
However, the amount of funding you will qualify for depends on which group you qualify for as per the above:

After SkillsFuture Funding:

For 1) Fee $300 + GST $210 = $510 nett per *module  
For 2) Fee $150 + GST $210 = $360 nett per *module  
For 3) Fee $300 + GST $210 = $510 nett per *module

You can use your current SkillsFuture Credits and future SkillsFuture Credit top-ups to offset the fees.
*Completion of all six modules is required to earn the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Implementation

Program Structure

This program comprise six modules and will take approximately 9 months to complete. Each module will require 5 weeks to complete, part-time and is structured as follows:  
2-Day CORE Training (10am to 7pm)
2 x 3 Hours Revision Classes (Weekday 7:30pm to 10:30pm)
6 x 3 Hours Mentor-Led Sessions (Weekday 7:30pm to 10:30pm)
20 Hours Self-Paced E-Learning
45-min Project Presentation & Evaluation


Total Hours Required Per Module: 60.5 Hours


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the classes be held?

The classes will be held via online webinar unless otherwise notified.

What are the dates for the classes?

Start of class will be on 20 & 21 June from 10am to 7pm.

Full class schedule will be provided upon registration

Is this course suitable for complete beginners?

Yes! This course is suitable for complete beginners as the course syllabus is tailored to learners with no prior experience in digital marketing.

Will course materials be provided? Do I need a laptop?

YES! Course materials will be provided. As this course is assessed based on hands-on work, a laptop or desktop computer is required

Will I receive a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Implementation upon graduation?

All learners who successfully complete all six modules will receive a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Implementation

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

You can contact Yu Foh of Pte Ltd at 6733-1268 or



Fabian Lim
Lithan Academy Adjunct Trainer

About Your Main Instructor

Fabian Lim is a serial online entrepreneur with over 20 years of management consultancy & digital marketing experience. After a six-year stint with Deloitte Consulting, he ventured into digital marketing. Today, he is one of Asia’s foremost Digital Marketing experts, having trained over 10,000 practitioners over the past 10 years worldwide. 

He is currently Founder of Digital Marketing Consultancy ClickMedia Pte Ltd. From Sept 2017 to Jan 2019, he led Yellow Pages Singapore on a digital transformation journey as Chief Executive Officer. In fact in just 8 months, he turned Yellow Pages from a traditional print publisher into a profitable digitally transformed organisation.

Other businesses founded by Fabian include,, Singapore’s first private flight school and Pte Ltd, an e-commerce related company focusing on e-commerce marketing and management.


Fabian has traveled extensively and been invited to speak on stages along side other esteemed entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Chris Gardner (Author of Pursuit of Happyness), Adam Khoo, Joey Yap and many others.

Fabian has been extensively featured in top news media and publications such as The Sunday Times, The Business Times, Channel NewsAsia, Straits Times Razor TV, The Star, New Straits Times, Sin Chew Daily, Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao,, My Paper, UWeekly, The Peak Magazine, Jet Gala Magazine, Exquisite Magazine, Utusan, Faces Magazine, Personal Money Magazine, NTV7 and 8TV.

Fabian Lim & Sir Richard Branson - Guest Speakers at MOVE Vietnam Seminar

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